“Water” by AWAZE

A powerful song in multiple ways: the literal meaning, in terms of this being a loud, alt-rock song, and also in the sense of profound – and highly relevant – lyrics that take highlight the hypocrisy of our world leaders in relation to global warming, climate change, and resource scarcity, particularly, in the case of this song, water.

Opening with a fuzzy guitar line that serves up both an enticing melody and loud distorted tones, the listener can sense that they’re in for a treat right from the start. This feeling is quickly confirmed when the captivating vocals join in, delivering an intense performance with style, whilst drums add Zeppelin-worthy groove, driving the song on with a strong beat. From here the song continues to grow and takes you on a musical journey that will leave rock fans reassured of the health of the genre and its musical future; again, linking this to the message of the song, it’s a shame world leaders can’t apply the same thinking towards the health of the planet, instead it’s up to artists such as AWAZE to act in their stead meaning that, in an ideal world, we’d sooner see AWAZE attending climate summits than many of our own self-serving politicians. Anyway, thank goodness for a musical gem such as this that is both brilliant musically and very apt lyrically.

On a final note, a universally relevant lyric that seems to be applicable to a vast number of politicians is: “leaders are lying, just to save their skin again” – as a huge fan of the UK punk/folk band The Levellers, the political nature of this song really resonates with me. Clearly AWAZE have made a lasting impression, and a new fan, here at Pillar Artists.

AWAZE: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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