“Dark Desires” by Paola House

“Dark Desires” by Paola House is a song driven by a frantic energy with shadowy undertones that, combined with the gritty mix, makes for a sonic experience that really delivers the emotion to the listener.

Pounding drums work well with the simple-yet-effective guitar hook that carries the melodic hook that properly enters your consciousness and holds your attention throughout. In addition to this is the rough-around-the-edges style that the song has that works fantastically with the overall vibe of the song; to highlight this we would suggest that something too polished, with too much refinement in production, would make the song feel hollow and somewhat lacking in authenticity – fortunately, in this case, the production serves to further enhance the dark majesty of the song.

Listening to the full song, its five-minute run-time quickly rushes past – a sure sign of its captivating style that engulfs you within its sound. A particular high-water mark for us comes at around four-minutes in, as the song becomes explosive, seemingly releasing a lot of tension in one anthemic passage; this is really something special that music fans far and wide will especially enjoy.

To sum the song up as concisely as possible, this is refreshingly different and will be popular with music fans looking for something new and exciting!

Paola House: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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