“Diamond Heart” by The Midnight Shower

“Diamond Heart” by Berlin band, The Midnight Shower, is a spectacular grunge-infused gem that gives the alt-rock/grunge genres a refreshingly modern update.

Opening with a distinctly dark, chorus-drenched guitar, the listener will immediately realise that they’re in for a sonic treat as the band deliver their song with gusto. The trio certainly know who they are and are committed to their sound; this can be evidenced by their confident performance, as they wear their musical hearts on their sleeve – a bold strategy that will work well in their favour as modern grunge fans will, we anticipate, flock to the band in their droves.

Lyrically, we particularly cherish the reference to Salvador Dali with the line “clocks are melting in my hand” – this consolidated us as fans of the band within the first forty-five seconds; consequently, this continued to be affirmed as the song progressed.

In terms of the accompanying music video: the brooding, undertones of the visuals work incredibly well with the audio, whilst the live performance injects some energy into proceedings. The warped effects further enhance the impact of the video and keep the viewer watching, and listening, right up until the final moment. All of this combines to create a song, and music video, that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens to the song or watches the video – we believe that, as such, The Midnight Shower will go from strength to strength if this release is anything to go by.

The Midnight Shower: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Website
Original Photo Credit: Marta Slowinski

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