“Symphony Of Sound” by Echo Coast

Symphony Of Sound” by Echo Coast: a carefully-polished indie/garage-rock single that takes gritty lo-fi influence and refines it into something more elegant – the skill here can be seen in the way that Echo Coast manages to retain the original attitude, and ethos, of the lo-fi aesthetic whilst creating something new and refreshing.

Jangly-indie guitars introduce the listener to the song and are quickly supported by a deep, robust-sounding bass that adds some serious weight to the mix. Vocals and percussion join in shortly after, which allows the song to hit the ground running as it wastes no time getting stuck in, sprinting towards the chorus that provides the big hook to keep you engaged throughout. From this, we detect some subtle punk rock undercurrents that add to the overall nuance of the song, as several musical influences appear to be incorporate into the melting pot. As such this song has something for everyone; we particularly enjoy the twist at 1:43, which really caught our attention and made us further appreciate the creativity that has gone into making this gem.

For us, the icing on the cake comes from the playful and visually-engaging music video that gives the viewer both the lyrics and an entertaining mish-mash of graphics and footage, resulting in a fun video that works phenomenally well with the nature of the song. Consequently, Echo Coast have given us a dazzling song packed with energy; this release will certainly turn heads and win over new fans.

Echo Coast: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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