Music Roundup #42

“Liverpool Guy” by MuddiBrooke: full of attitude, grit, and energy – Muddibrooke have delivered a fantastic rock song that really shines; the powerful drums provide a solid bedrock whilst the vocals carry a lot of character and raw power – with this said, the lead vocals always remain melodic, serving the song in style and fulfilling the musical vision of the band. For us, the band truly earn their stripes and live up to the power-trio label. We’re sure that MuddiBrooke draw comparisons to a few bands, but the truth is that they’re their own group with their own sound and identity – as such, we’re excited to see and hear what the future brings them, as they have a sound and style that should see them do very well.


“Dance to the Rhythm” by Celestine Liu: a feel-good song that displays Celestine’s remarkable vocals that underpin this song – the clarity and style of her voice really shines throughout, working incredibly well with the pop beat and creative instrumentation. Further praise can be given for the way in which the song takes different ideas and smoothly incorporates them seamlessly into one, which then keeps the listener hooked from start to finish.


“Pomegranate (Denial)” by Theory Of Why: evoking riffage worthy of Baroness, Theory Of Why add their own melodic twist to the fuzzy, psych-rock genre which then results in this spectacular treat that has introduced us to their sound and quickly won us over as fans of their band. The energy that this song releases is captivating and bodes well for what their live shows might be like. A proper sonic treat for rock fans.

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