Music Roundup #41

“In a Haunted House” by Filiah: yet another superb song from Filiah, whom we are big fans of after she first appeared on our radar with her song “Goodbye” back in April. This song features Filiah’s iconic vocal delivery; easily identifiable with her sound and unmistakeably her. The way of singing she has feels authentic and full of character – this makes her music sound full of genuine emotion, adding extra gravitas to the thoughtful lyrics. As the third single from her forthcoming concept album (and the closing song on it) it has us tremendously excited to hear the full album. We highly recommend that you stay posted and listen to the album upon its release.


“As Good a Place as Any” by Prince of Sweden: an organic, down to earth gem that feels very open and honest in its direct, live-style recording. The straightforward style combines acoustic guitar and gravelly vocals to create a sound that comes across as passionate and deep, resonating with the listener in a way that wouldn’t work if the song was over-polished or over reliant upon slick production. In particular, we really appreciate the heartfelt delivery that the song has, especially in respect to the vocals that really convey Prince of Sweden’s character. A refreshing song that would be suitable on playlists with David Ramirez, Will Varley, and Frank Turner.


“Dead Drugs” by Start Your Own Cult: a phenomenal song by an Australian alternative-rock band that have quickly won us over as fans of their sound. Combining elements of electronica with hard-hitting guitars and powerhouse vocals, Start Your Own Cult have a powerful signature that could flatten a city. Existing fans of bands such as Anavae, and Artio, are likely to love Start Your Own Cult too, who have their own distinctive identity and musical style. A brilliant song by an amazing band – this deserves to be discovered by music fans far and wide.

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