“You’re Fine” by Hollows

You’re Fine” is the latest release from Mancunian band, Hollows, and is an alternative/indie-rock treasure that utilises prominent vocals and lavish, reverb-infused guitar lines to create a spectacularly uplifting anthem that sounds magnificent at home and, we expect, is even more of a treat when played live with a lively audience properly connecting with the band.

A smooth fade-in introduces the song, using ethereal guitar tones to create a dreamy soundscape that serves as the perfect undercurrent for when the vocals arrive, delivering the song’s story with confidence and majesty. As the song progresses, the group expand the sonics by layering backing vocals to create a heavenly choice of voices that elevate the song even further, all the whilst the pounding drums propel the song with vigour, thus maintaining the momentum as it drives towards the final anthemic crescendo.

The end result is a song that truly captures a sense of euphoria and would be an excellent track to use as a soundtrack in an independent film, particularly for the final, positive concluding outro scenes that tend to highlight the optimism that comes from the film’s ultimate resolution. On this note regarding visuals, Hollows do have an accompanying lyric-music video that you can watch via their YouTube channel. This gives you the opportunity to quickly learn the words and join in, singing at the top of your voice during the chorus.

Hollows: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube
Original Photo Credit: Lee Harman

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