“Tell Me” by Jay Moussa-Mann

“Tell Me” by Jay Moussa-Mann: a poignant song with direct lyrics delivered in a blunt fashion, serving to further highlight the emotional impact that this has on the listener.

Jay Moussa-Mann deftly balances the minimalism of the guitar and vocal combination with the more anthemic moments that are accompanied by string arrangements, swelling dramatically when called upon. This displays Jay’s musical ambition, creativity, and vision; pushing the boundaries of what a solo artist can be. Ultimately the cumulative sum results in a song that is different and shows the character and soul of its creator – this will undoubtedly work in Jay’s favour in continuing to build a musical presence and identity for which music fans can be drawn to as her music continues to gain traction and reach new audiences.

Have a listen and watch the stop-motion music video below!

Jay Moussa-Mann: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Website

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