“Even If You Are The Cactus” by The Jerichos

“Even If You Are The Cactus” by The Jerichos: a fantastically fun and upbeat song with some eccentric-sounding thrills thrown in for good measure. The glue that then holds this all together is the ‘Rock The Casbah’ vibes (albeit with more of an indie twist) that have been wonderfully captured in this musical treat.

A short swirling, psychedelic-tinged, introduction quickly steps aside to make room for the groove-infused layers of instrumentation that hit the listener like a tidal wave: in-your-face bass drives song along with energetic drums that incorporate some funky disco vibes. Sweeping synth and vocals (both lead and backing) then finalise the mix, resulting in a sonic delight that demands to be danced to.

The Jerichos: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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