“Weatherman” by The Famous Daxx

‘Weatherman’ – the debut single by The Famous Daxx – talks about things we can’t control: mainly, our affections and the weather.

The track’s opening pulls you into a psychedelic dream, not knowing where it will lead. The explosive melodies of the beginning quiet down to give way to the lead singer, serenading the ups and downs of the strangeness that surrounds her. 

The lyrics are a brilliant depiction of someone who thinks they are in control of their love affairs, which are laid out in a “battlefield”. The protagonist feels helpless and this feeling is enhanced by a gradual increase in intensity – in the vocals, guitar chords and drum beats – that keeps undulating between moments of calm and storm.

The artist’s retro sound, reminiscent of the 60’s, can be explained by her influences: which include artists like The Beatles and Supertramp. The recording session was composed by an all-female group.

The Famous Daxx says: “The decision to only use female session musicians was a very personal one, but also a statement that I wanted to present to the world: here are the amazing female instrumentalists that so many people just conveniently overlook – you just need to make the effort to find them.”

Author: Claudia H

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