Music Highlights #6

“1518” by Mariotte
Mariotte has a wonderful voice with lots of expressive power and personality. The multitude of melodies are phenomenal: a huge number of musical ideas have been packed into this short-but-sweet song that clocks in at under three minutes song. Mariotte also has a magnificent music video that is also full of creative ideas, further complementing the song. Regrettably, we can’t remember much of our French lessons, and we wish that we did. Despite that, we love everything about this song and video.


“Run” by Firebug
An authentic country-tinged rock song straight from American artist Firebug. The guitar tones are absolutely gorgeous, carrying the right amount of dirt when needed and, at other times, being much more delicate and clean. Fabulous vocals cut through the instrumentation, demonstrating a fantastic tone and range that is a joy to listen to: there is a raw emotion in the voice that carries an organic authenticity, which further elevates the song. As spring is now in full force, with summer on it sway, this is a perfect song for those warmer evening outside.


“Don’t Let The Papers Get You Down” by Nick Noon
A superb amalgamation of musical influences that results in a crooner-pop-esque song by Nick Noon. The vocals are warm and full-bodied, almost harking back to the days of 1940’s jazz or ’60s pop, similar to Tom Jones. Stringed arrangements provide additional sonic richness and demonstrate the ambitious vision that Nick Noon has; setting the bar high, and pulling it off this well, is wonderfully refreshing. A great song with a decent message.


“Falling Down” by Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes
A rich, full-bodied sound delivered in style, courtesy of Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes. Warm, rock vibes wash over the listener as clean guitar lines pair with vocals, with both working together in creating a aural tapestry that carries a message of positivity. The sounds of an organ that weaves in and out throughout the song adds to the old-school feel, completing the song in style. We love the big, band sound and look forward to having this on repeat during the summer months.


“Upside Down” by Nicole Arrage
A modern pop classic that utilises a variety of bold musical decisions such as subtle tempo changes and, at times, really prominent, crisp bass – which we adore. Nicole Arrage appears to set her own musical rules, treading her own path in the process, with her voice being a particular focus points: there’s something about the timbre that could make her voice her signature sound – in the future this could be her sonic trademark. A sublime song that deserves to be played all summer long.

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