“Sinner” by Young Decades

The track ‘Sinner’ – by Young Decades – is a refreshing take on rock for the modern ages, with its resounding synthesizers and the lead singer’s poppy yet crooning voice. It is perfectly fit for this time, as we (impatiently) await the return of live performances. It sounds like a celebration of the impending glory of finally being allowed to experience a concert.

As for its lyrical content, it’s about a protagonist proudly announcing he’s a sinner who doesn’t need saving. The instrumentals and backing vocals ultimately join him in this celebration, through cheery, colourful chords and riffs – resembling a space-age power-ballad. 

According to its press release, “The record was produced by songwriter James Tidd, who has built a trusted team around the band, including a guiding ear from Human League bassist Ian Burden, long-time friend and engineer Tom Longworth (Vistas, Tom Speight) and mastering Engineer Mike Marsh (Phoenix, Chemical Brothers, Empire of the Sun).”

You can listen to the song in preparation for the good times ahead, experiencing the comeback of the Young Decades first hand. 

Author: Claudia H

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