“Happiness Is A Hangover” by Sunset Collective

“Happiness Is a Hangover” by Sunset Collective: glistening guitar introduces the song, allowing the bright melodies to charm the unsuspecting listener. Fabulous crooner-esque vocals soon begin delivering the verses, rising and falling with the guitar arpeggios. The charismatic vocals truly make this song special; the sound is modern enough to be fresh, whilst also cleverly incorporating some subtle nostalgia, courtesy of the rich, baritone voice. The warm bass acts as the sonic glue that then holds everything together, adding subtle bass-flourishes here-and-there when needed.

The music video is stunning. We love the way the band has taken the straightforward idea of driving around and revamped it by overlaying the footage with astronomical imagery, making it a space-infused, surreal video that works perfectly with the equally-imaginative single artwork.
Sunset Collective: Instagram | Spotify

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