“Happy” by Amy FitzGerald

“Happy” by Amy FitzGerald: an utterly magical song that begins with tender vocal melodies and gradually grows into a wondrously uplifting indie-folk gem that brings peace and tranquillity to anyone listening. Amy possesses an angelic voice with a heavenly tone; warm, delicate and sweet. There is a special quality to her voice – there is a quiet strength just underneath the surface which, we imagine, is well-suited to live performances.

Sonically, this song is a treasure trove for musicians. If you really focus on the mix, you can detect piano, acoustic guitar, layer-upon-layer of vocal harmonies, hand claps or finger clicks, and sweet, underlying banjo melodies. The way the song progresses is superb, featuring a humble, minimalist introduction that then blossoms to an almost-orchestral level. Amy FitzGerald has, quite possibly, come incredibly close to creating paradise-on-Earth in an audio format. If the rest of the album is like this then Amy is onto a winner and we expect big things for her.

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