Music Highlights #1

“The Canyon” by Inky Nite
A promising duo hailing from Brighton, Inky Nite have an 80’s-tinged sound with just the right amount of nostalgia. This song has a slight Marth and the Muffins-esque feel to it and could well be stuck in your head for days.


“Money Don’t Lie” by Gideon Foster
A great song that quickly takes on a life of its own. The perfectly-suited vocals of Gideon Foster are paired with a driving guitar riff creates a wonderfully solid song that we think is a modern classic. Simply outstanding music.


“Bombe A” by MD ONE
Another great song by the French electro-pop/rock band MD ONE with an equally-engaging music video. The impressive vocals seem to fill and drive the entire song whilst the rhythm entices you to dance along. Marvellous music.


“On End Times Boulevard” by Hallam London
A song fit-to-burst with music ideas, this is a spectacular musical treat by Hallam London. There’s a bittersweet element to the song that keeps the listener on their toes and, combined with the entertaining music video, will stay in ones memory after watching or listening.


“I Don’t Know” by Metò
Splendid lyrics delivered by the charismatic voice of Metò which exhibit vast amounts of character. The uplifting an heartwarming nature of the vocals, as well as the ever-evolving structure of the song, makes this one of the freshest songs we’ve heard this year. A magical music video makes for a very wholesome experience.

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