“Say My Name” by Leif Coffield

“Say My Name” by Leif Coffield is a true masterpiece within the world of contemporary electro-pop. The melancholic setting of the song – along with the constant groove of ever-changing textures and detail – provides structure and cohesion throughout the track. “Say My Name” is full of textures and detailing that surprise the audience with every listen.

The dark-sounding silky smooth vocals add to the grungy and dark character of the song and contrast with the synthesised repeated ‘’hook’’. This among with the innovative sounds added throughout the chorus, provides the clearly-conveyed emotion and dynamic to this piece.

The track is supported by the music video, set in the abandoned building, expressing the feelings of minimalism and being trapped, but also supported by the stellar choreography of the dancers, adding to the grungy, emotional character to the track. Leif Coffield: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Author: Krzysztof Furgała

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