“Paranoia Party” – Danica Dares

“Paranoia Party” – Danica Dares: a recent addition to the north-east music scene, Danica Dares are a trio that incorporate a broad range of music influences into their distinctive sound.

Wonderfully eclectic, Danica Dares already have their own recognisable sound: driving bass is the glue that holds the song together as colourful synth bursts create a sonic avalanche that envelops the listener as it progressively grows in both volume and intensity as the song reaches its climax. Dreamy vocals bear some resemblance to Canadian band Alvvays, as do the nature of the lyrics that deal with reality and themes of isolation.

As just their second single, Danica Dares are quickly establishing a solid discography, creating a solid foundation on for which to release a planned album which will be worth keeping an eye out for.

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