“First Time” by Anaté

“First Time” by Anaté: a stunningly smooth song full of elegance that insists on its own musical identity, defying the temptation of being aligned to a single genre. Anaté effortlessly fuses a range of influences together, producing a refreshingly graceful sound that allows the vocals to really shine whilst the subdued instrumentation drives the song along with a quiet confidence. This approach demonstrates thoughtful and imaginative production as the vocals are offered space, sonically speaking, to breathe; the mix is well-balanced and full of delightful aural textures.

A particular highlight comes in the form of the music video: the illustrated approach helps the video to stand out by not only providing a visual narrative to accompany the music, but also shows the lyrics thereby reinvigorating and re-styling how lyric videos can be presented. The sketched graphics bring an extra charm to the video, helping to create a memorable and wholesome feeling for anyone/everyone watching.

Anaté has a wealth of talent: her wonderful voice, narrative-style lyricism, and soothing melodies all work together, culminating in a delightful sound that she truly makes her own.
Anaté: Instagram | Spotify

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