“The Pizza Song” by Galactic Dust

“The Pizza Song” by Galactic Dust: a terrifically funky song bursting with groove and paired with an equally-fun music video that displays the charismatic personalities of the band and their friends. The lead vocals are particularly impressive: Noam has a strong voice with both great character and range; her soulful sound is captivating and really drives the song forward. The prominent bass anchors the rhythm, allowing the vocals to flourish in the sonic space, whilst sporadic burst of melodies from guitar and keys add vibrant colour.

It’s pleasing to see a light-hearted video showing the fun-side of a band that isn’t bogged down by being overly-serious; many artists could benefit from injecting more humour into their online presence.
Overall, we recommend that listeners prepare themselves for this glorious earworm, though it might not win you over immediately, we guarantee that this a grower; shortly after you’ve first heard it you’ll find yourself craving a repeat listen. Galactic Dust: Instagram | Spotify

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