“Undskyld” by Först Til Sidst

“Undskyld” by Först Til Sidst: an impressive Rock song by a Danish band with hints of Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest, in that the band have a lot of both power and melody. To give further credit, though the lyrics are sung in Danish, the feeling and impact of the song are conveyed to the listener regardless of any language barriers; the music truly speaks to all. Some of the melodies remind us of The Pale White, which also bodes well for future success for Först Til Sidst. This is a fantastic song by a promising band; strong melodies, great energy, and a huge sound – a sure recipe for success.

Först Til Sidst kindly explained – in their own words – the meaning behind the song:
“‘Undskyld’ means “I’m sorry” in Danish. This song is about saying sorry, even if you don’t really mean it, just to make peace and move on.” Först Til Sidst: Instagram | Spotify

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