Music Roundup #23

“Radio Sound” by Nova Waves: a witty, wry song that takes aim at the bland-nature of some musical output from artists and, subsequently, broadcast by radio presenters. The filtered vocals give this song its own identity, whilst the rhythmic guitar provides energy that makes it bounce somewhat. Nova Waves have piqued our interest, and we’re keen to hear more from them.


“It’s Time For Change” by Arpa D.: an aptly-named song providing the perfect kick-start to a new year. With a spliced-phaser introduction deceptively creating a different vibe, the song quickly explodes into anthemic gold, with a chorus so upbeat that you’ll soon find that the repeat button is your best friend. The warm tone, and impressive range of the vocals, makes this song an absolute delight to listen to: press play and bask in the wave of positivity.


“Like a Modern Jesus Christ” by Hola La Poyana: a rolling, Blues song packed with feelings of authenticity. There is a richness to both the guitar and vocals that makes the song resonate with the listener and genuinely feels like the song was written and recorded in another century. We’re truly awe-inspired, and captivated, by the warmth and depth of this single. It’s great to see the variety and diversity of music that Hola La Poyana writes – check out our interview with Hola from his previous release here.

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