Music Roundup #22

“Waver” by Anna Mae Kelly: a fantastic example of how good Pop music can be. Anna’s vocals are warm and display her impressive range and versatility. The piano lays the foundation for the melody, with subtle guitar underneath holding a steady rhythm, offering an occasional melodic flourish. Cumulatively this creates a gem of a song that resonates with authenticity: Anna relies solely upon her talent and musical creativity, rather than studio wizardry, to complete this song – a task fulfilled most successfully.


“Neighbourhood” by The Rooves: glorious ambience is abundant in this Dream-Pop-influenced gem released by Indie/Alternative quintet The Rooves. Blissful elegance emanates, enveloping the listener in a smooth, limbo-inducing state as tranquillity washes over anyone fortunate enough to be within hearing-distance of this charming song. Such high praise is well deserved and, looking ahead to the future, we expect to be seeing and hearing more of The Rooves in the near future.


“Change You” by Apple Shakers: refreshingly different; in a single song the Alt-Indie duo manage to incorporate Indie, Psychedelia, Punk, and Alt-Rock influences – made all the more impressive in how successfully they achieve this. Showcasing a characterful voice blessed with an impressive range and personas, this is a musical rollercoaster filled to the brim with creativity. We find “Change You” to be a superb example of the type of bold and ambitious music we endeavour to support and thoroughly believe that both the song and duo are deserving of wider recognition.

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