“Moments” by Jude the Obscure

“Moments” is the debut EP by Manchester-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jude the Obscure, comprised of singles ‘Waiting‘, ‘Chapter 8‘ and ‘Strong Enough‘, with the title track ‘Moments‘ completing the 4-song collection.

The smooth infusion of Jazz and Hip-Hop influences result in a refreshing sound as two worlds collide: the classy, old-school associations of Jazz are met by the modern, from-the-streets connotations of Hip-Hop. The cultural juxtapositions of these genres bring out the best in both and demonstrates a significant musical achievement for Jude – releasing an incredibly strong 4-song EP that confidently avoids musical clichés. Having laid such strong foundations, we’re excited to see where Jude goes from here; from what we’ve heard, we’re confident in predicting a steady rise.

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