Music Roundup #12

“Can You Hear Me Now?” by Sienne: A truly anthemic Alt-Rock song propelled by a swagger that stems from self-confidence in the band’s musical resolve and ambition. The band utilise the traditional method that has served countless music-greats well throughout history: a great song written and recorded by competent musicians armed with all they need in the form of talent and creativity.


“2 Young” by Jovian: Classy, late-night vibes resonate from this smooth gem of a song. The minimal beat sets the tempo and provides ample room for the vocals to take centre stage; these, in turn, intelligently utilise reverb to create an evocative ambience. Jazz-influenced chords and melodic-lead flourishes further accentuate the vibe, rounding off the song in style.


“Animal” by Beau Turrentine: A wonderfully minimal, straight-up Indie Rock song that has a character of its own. Pleasant electric guitars give an authentic Rock sound whilst paired with a contemporary Indie approach, making for a great song that is perfect for road trips in the sun, or for having in the background at home.

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