“All For Me” by The Kecks

“All For Me” by The Kecks is a slow burner of a song by an alternative-rock quartet that embrace their heritage; the four members represent nationalities that include Britain, Austria, Australia and Germany. This latest single bears resemblance to some Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner material, with a slower pace and jazz-infused chords.

An accompanying music video suggests art-rock influence and direction, as the band demonstrate their creativity through the combination of theatrical performance and music.

The Kecks explore the meaning of the song and its inspiration in their own words:
All For Me is a self aware love song; an almost sardonic expression of longing from a desperate
sweetheart. Originally composed as a simple and straightforward romantic ballad, The Kecks and
producer JB Pillion delved deeper into a dark fantasy world to deliver more emotion and power out of the song than a conventional pop delivery would have allowed. Singer Lennart Uschmann bares his soul in a gut wrenching one-take lead vocal which entwines with the expansive and pointed dynamic range of the band. It conveys a true emotional power and feeling which can only be conjured from real world

The story behind The Kecks formation is equally intriguing:
Having initially been founded on the back of a FlixBus on their way to see The Growlers play in Berlin, The Kecks have since established a reputation for writing brutally honest and somewhat unconventional indie-rock that has landed them on Radio X, BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio, and Spotify editorial playlists.

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