Music Roundup #11

“Peace of Mind” by Alexdrake: wonderfully anthemic with an atmospheric introduction that begins as a soundscape through the use of instrumental layers, creatively combining piano, percussion and guitar. Once the vocals hit, this Alternative-Rock number hints at Pop-Punk influences, yet retains its own identity and remains modern, culminating in a solid Alt-Rock song by an artist treading their own path.


“Little Bird” by Nicha: a gem of a song that demonstrates how far subtlety can go in creating a musical masterpiece. The soulful vocals take centre stage, whilst a wide array of sounds propel the song; simple percussion gives the song a grounded authenticity, with hints of root music influences. Overall this is an apt reminder that good music doesn’t need to be over-produced; Nicha has a music vision that has been pursued with clarity and, inevitably, fulfilled.


“Fat Catz” by Columbia: a modern rock’n’roll song packed with attitude and confidence. The band exude energy throughout, forcibly captivating the listener and refusing to let go until they’ve said all they need to through their direct lyrics. This demands to be played loud and, we imagine, is particularly well-suited to live audiences craving a high-energy release.

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