Best of 2019: Primes

What have been your highlights of 2019?
Festival season was a definite highlight this year for us, as we got to play some great shows along side fantastic musicians. Stepping out of Scotland for the first time and being on the road was class….just road trips in general have been such a good laugh. Releasing new music and working with new people in the industry.

What 3 artists have you seen/heard that impressed you the most?
We have played alongside some talented bands this year, the stand outs would include: Red Rum Club, Kanadia, and Super Pumas.

What 3 musicians (dead or alive) would you invite for Xmas dinner, and why?
Freddie Mercury, Simon Neil, and Brian Molko.
Freddie Mercury just because he is an absolute legend. Simon Neil so that after dinner we could have a jam and get a house party going in the gaff true Scottish style. Brian Molko so we can chat guitars, 90s, song writing and talk about being pals with David Bowie

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