Best of 2019: LIO

What have been your highlights of 2019?
Playing the second stage at Tramlines Festival, starting the recording process for LIO’s debut EP, receiving funding from Help Musicians UK and the overall support & growth I have enjoyed on both a personal and musical level this year.

What 3 artists have you seen/heard that impressed you the most?
While She Sleeps (seen), Soeur (seen), Florence and The Machine (heard).

What 3 musicians (dead or alive) would you invite for Xmas dinner, and why?
Florence Welsh, Brendon Urie, AURORA.
All 3 have been a major inspiration for my music over the past few years. But more than that, Florence Welsh seems to have a beautiful personality and energy that I feel matches mine. Brendon Urie has been one of my favourite artists since PATD first released ‘I write Sins Not Tragedies’, and I recently realised I have been listening to his band for more than half of my life. Finally, I would love to have dinner with AURORA because the way she puts her personality and beliefs into her lyrics strongly inspires me to write more honestly.

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