Best of 2019: Cat Ryan

What have been your highlights of 2019?
Making our live debut at a Sofar gig back in March which was really exciting! Also selling out all of our EP CD’s at our London headline show.
Another great highlight would probably be our radio play by Tom Robinson twice on BBC Radio 6 in January. Our name was alongside some other really good artists, The Japanese House being one of them. It was just so cool to be recognised by a famous radio DJ and musician such as Tom Robinson.

What 3 artists have you seen/heard that impressed you the most?
Well, as well recognised as they are, seeing Vampire Weekend live in Edinburgh recently was amazing. They’re extremely impressive musicians and so creative with their music and live performance.
Wolf Alice would also have to be one of the most impressive bands and one that we can collectively agree to be a favourite ever since we first formed Cat Ryan in 2018.
A more emerging band that impressed us with their live performance were White Houses. They were so energetic and really got the crowd going despite the show being in such a small venue as Surf Cafe.

What 3 musicians (dead or alive) would you invite for Xmas dinner, and why?
Probably Kanye West and Taylor Swift, they’d get on so harmoniously.
Then, to add a bit of a legendary presence to the table, we’d have David Brent just to sing his absolute classic ‘Free Love Freeway’! But then again you couldn’t have him and not the accompanying angelic harmonies of Gareth and Tim, so it’s very hard to narrow it down to three.

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