“High Tide” by Rushkeys

Domas Ruškys, is Rushkeys: the incredible electronic artist and producer from Lithuania whose latest release is “High Tide”. 

Evidently, Rushkeys is no stranger to music. The craftsmanship and bravura flowing throughout the very enjoyable “High Tide” comes from a lifetime of understanding music. Rushkeys interrogated music from childhood, a keen pianist and saxophonist, before studying sound engineering and electronic music composition at The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. 

“High Tide” instantly appeals. The rhythmic section is understated and delicate yet drives this song forward via a tempo that situates the listener in a moving car, train or aeroplane as both relaxed and excited. The drums are nicely complemented by the airy melodies in the background, making for a vast musical expanse for the vocals to pervade, as they do. 

The vocal delivery of Disc Eyes is really quite outstanding. The vocal melody is compelling, the lyricism is open to many an interpretation, the balance is beautiful. What is excellent here is that the components of this sensational single do not wrestle and grapple with one another; in fact, quite conversely, they are all in harmony together, making for pleasant, replayable music. 

The lead synth, oscillating and resurfacing in the background, is to be loved here. The sounds which inch and edge in and out of this work are to be discovered and admired here. Rushkeys displays an attentive ear, incredible production and impressive songwriting. 

I can hear this song played at a beach party as the sun begins to set. 

Compelling. Incredible.

Rushkeys: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram | Website | TikTok 
Original Photo Credits: Rushkeys

Author: Harry Lowery (@hkglowery)

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