“Red Sky” by Vice Killer

North East, County Durham-based alternative quartet – Vice Killer – are back with their first single of 2023 in the form of “Red Sky”, an energy-filled gem with a tasteful ’60s-rock & funk-fuelled guitar line that even manages to incorporate some skilled jangle-pop elements, thus creating a sound that definitively steers clear of dull indie-tropes and, instead, gives listeners something magical that should also serve as inspiration for emerging artists all over the world.

At the risk of sounding overly fawning of the band, everything about this song is superb: the strong vocals really cut through the mix and the drums deliver a powerful sound which, alongside the warm basslines, create a fantastic foundation on which the guitars dance over from start to finish. The sharpness of this song, and production quality, should come as no surprise from a band that have been honing their craft both on stage and in the studio, especially when considering that Vice Killer recorded in Liverpool’s Motor Museum with Al Groves (Oasis, The 1975, Jake Bugg).

Frontman Thomas said of working with Al Groves: “This was the first time we’d ventured out of Newcastle to record, we’d spoken to a lot of producers but Al stood out as one of the best. We learnt how to make the most out of a song, not to just go into the studio and hit record. Al wasn’t shy of telling us when we weren’t up to scratch…he really put his own stamp on the track. especially in the bridge, using dreamy synths and giving it a somewhat spacey sound.”

Whilst discussing the song and its meaning, Thomas continued: “It is about the feeling when you’re down and out, this sky seems to follow and haunt you. Kind of like the devil on your shoulder, trying to convince you to give up and throw everything away. I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Stranger Things’ so I have a feeling this may have rubbed off on me. It is a song trying to tell people not to give up.”

Vice Killer are Thomas Gilling (lead vocals/guitar), James Langan (lead guitar), Jack Langan (bass)and Lewis Muir(drums). The band play a sold out show at Castle Eden cricket club in early April, HMV Newcastle (free entry) on the 15th and finally a headline show at Hartlepool’s IDOLS on Friday the 12th of May.

Vice Killer: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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