“Everyone Is Your Friend” by Solari 

Written and produced by David Baron and Renée Hikari, “Everyone Is Your Friend” is to be listened to, not heard. This single navigates, and illustrates to the mind’s eye, a broken but beautiful, futuristic cityscape, dystopian by precisely the fact that its inhabitants in being more connected than ever are, in fact, conversely the most disconnected from one another, which is a frightening reality of our own evolving world. 

Gradually layered and textured, through a very suitable crescendo the colours of this single come to life and we are guided into its delicacy and message. In one instance, I am only convinced by Synth-Pop when it really is amazing; but this song really is amazing. To proffer the comparisons or, more favourably, references of, say, “On Melancholy Hill” by Gorillaz, “The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES, or “Creature Comfort” by Arcade Fire, would not quite do Solari and their work justice; and that, surely, must be a compliment of great assurance. 

What separates this single and renders it markedly different is its very tenderness, its driving eighth-note synth bass and its persisting beat. In conversation with this bass and beat, are the lovely ornaments of electric guitar – when palm-muted, reminiscent of The 1975 – which Kevin Kadish executes brilliantly. As the duo intended, these sentiments and techniques somehow – although hermetic, perhaps abstrusely, perhaps ingeniously – conjure the sensually realised world of the bustling but at once lonesome city one traverses by train or car: the megalopolis is always moving around you; nothing ever stops; strangers are ubiquitous. 

Hikari’s voice is dreamy and lucid, resonating throughout, and complemented neatly by the masculine counterpart in Baron’s backing vocals. The longing for escape is carried in the undertones of the lyricism (which is, let me tell you, gorgeous) and its delivery in this excellent composition. Interestingly, note the dichotomy between the title of the single and the predominant themes which are apparent here. What more is the nothing short of beautiful touch implementing Japanese lyrics through which Solari (the eponymous Hikari?) considers if she is capable of love and the vulnerability which love demands. 

Solari – their name, we might anticipate, drawn from the 1972 Andrei Tarkovsky film, Solaris (which may further inform our understanding of the duo and their music; for example, explaining the Science-Fiction ambience of this single) – know how to write music. “Everyone Is Your Friend” should – not even could – be a film score. As the song fades to end and regrettably leaves me, I can almost see Kelvin choosing to live alone within his memories, rather than in reality. 

Magnificently prophetic. 

Solari: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Tik Tok 
Original Photo Credits: Solari

Author: Harry Lowery (Instagram: @_hkglowery_) 

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