“How High” by Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark is a singer-songwriter hailing from Scotland who is held in high regard to BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw as ‘Amazing’ and to Virgin Media’s Richard Branson as ‘Inspiring’. Now, Clark shines with her new single, “How High”. 

Needless to say, Clark boasts a state-of-the-art voice which retains a certain brightness, beaming for the entirety of the pop song and executing her lyricism with an airy and dreamy sound. What is most profitable and appealing about this work is its mirrored memoir: “How High” assumes the themes and narrative of the young, pure talent chasing the arresting dream of ‘making it’ in the desired but beguiling industry – a perennial cycle brilliantly illustrated in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born (2018), via the fictional Ally – and, having forfeited a career teaching in Scotland, Clark now currently tours and records her burgeoning portfolio in the City of Angels.

“How High” arrives as a call for departure from quotidian life. The exploration of the pursued dream is initiated by Clark when she discusses the optimism budding in the singer who stands intoxicated by the world of possibilities before her: ‘things are looking up, so now let’s begin, there’s another way’. With one accord, the kick drum, snare clicks and eighth-note percussion pilot Clark’s effort as it climbs gingerly into a polyphonic score. The eighth-note tambourine is met in notation with finely-produced tremolo, which, together with the addictive backing vocals and their harmonies, furnish the space around the lead vocal and its (perhaps now prosaic) metaphor of the sky being the limit. 

The chorus then blends seamlessly with its antecedent verse as we anticipate the focal point of this single – fulfilling part of its title (‘How high’), but here interrogative – with its pertinent repetition and alliteration: ‘How high, how high do you wanna’ go?’. Bouncing in the background are the piano keys which closely resemble those found in possible influence Katy Perry and her smash hit, “Roar” (2013), making for clean, jubilant music. 

Having been selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA “Artist to Watch” and having performed on season 10 of NBC’s ‘The Voice’, Clark, who names the clouds above her head her only limit, is indeed climbing the ladder allegorical of commercial success, posing to herself the paramount question of how high does she want to go?

“…unless you get out and you try to do it, you’ll never know.”

Natalie Clark: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube | Instagram
Original Photo Credits: Natalie Clark

Author: Harry Lowery (Instagram: @_hkglowery_)

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