“20 to Life” by Bourbon House

’20 to Life’ by Bourbon House is all about power. It has powerful vocals, powerful drums, and powerful guitars, all working together to create a modern blues-rock classic that has charisma and attitude without losing sight of the importance of melody.

Opening with percussive stomping and a haunting harmonica line, this song immediately intrigues the listeners whilst also hinting towards legendary blues-rock highlights, such as Led Zeppelin classics “When The Levee Breaks” and “In My Time Of Dying”. The song continues to grow from here as a slide guitar riff enters the mix alongside giant-sounding drums and ground-moving bass, whilst Lacey Crowe delivers a spectacular vocal performance that is full of character, confidence, and melody, providing an exemplary show of how a fantastic vocalist can perform when at the top of their game. All of this comes together to create a superb song that classic rock fans will inevitably enjoy.

“’20 to Life’ is a gritty rock ‘n’ roll song that melds delta blues with the heaviness of a southern gothic crime scene. Our fans have been asking for another song from us with a slide guitar riff since ‘Devil on my Heels’ was released in 2019. I think if whiskey, smoke, bad luck and hard times have a sound, ’20 to Life” captures it’.” – Lacey Crowe

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