Music Highlights #17

“Not Like That” by Alexa Borden
Stunning vocals are joined by beautiful piano and bright acoustic guitar to create a mellow song that delivers insightful lyrics, demonstrating musical depth and observational talent. A really rich sounding song that reveals more with each listen.
Alex Borden: Facebook & Instagram

“I Don’t Feel Today” by common goldfish
With a humongous bassline, this song cleverly steers clear of being dominated by bass and contrasts the lower frequencies through the use of keys, which add a subtle sense of class to the song whilst the vocals airily float in a Stone Roses-esque style.
common goldfish: Instagram 

“No More Good News” by Jo-Jo & The Teeth
Superb vocals lead the charge and immediately demand your attention. A further highlight is the way in which the band deliver a performance with both heart and melody, which suits Jo-Jo’s vocals perfectly, as the song seems to effortlessly add elements of soul to the song whilst also bringing punk and rock into the mix. We’ve not heard this style before and we love it.
Jo-Jo & The Teeth: Facebook & Instagram

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