“Like Clockwork” by Matt Redmond

A soft and beautifully melodic opening introduces this song to this listener, though the gentle melodies are quickly aided by confident vocals that also soar alongside the complex layers of instrumentation that give the song an fantastically rich depth to it.

The song has distinctive sections, with the guitar solo being a particular highlight as it showcases Matt’s technical ability both sonically and visually, as the accompanying music video shows Matt’s recording process, appearing to play all the instruments himself, which makes the whole composition all the more impressive whilst creating a music video that is visually engaging and a joy to watch. A testament to the strength of the song is that it clocks in at just two-minutes and forty-seconds and feels neither too short nor too long; in this sense the song packs in a lot of creative ideas but doesn’t feel rushed and, crucially, avoids the temptation to showboat, knowing instead when to neatly bow-out and leave the listener reaching for the repeat button. A brilliant song and video that are both a joy to discover.

Matt Redmond: Bandcamp | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube

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