“King Of Sea” by Kwoon

We have come to expect two things from Kwoon: amazingly beautiful and ambitious compositions, and visually-stunning music videos. Consequently, Kwoon has once again achieved both of these aims with the most recent song being “King Of Sea”.

Differently to previous songs by Kwoon that we’ve written about, this one features lyrics, which then showcases Kwoon’s hauntingly rich vocal abilities alongside the enchanting soundscapes provided by the instrumentation. The lyrics and vocals both add to the song, bringing another depth of emotion as the vocals convey more humanity with both the singing style and the additional lyrical narrative. Furthermore, the meaning of the lyrics is further elevated by the accompanying visuals of the video, which has been wonderfully created with animation.

There is much we could write about in regards to both the song and the video, however, that would be a distraction; instead, we strongly urge you to watch the video below – we guarantee you’ll be captivated by both the visuals and the music.

Kwoon: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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