“Tell You Ma'” by Jeremy Engel

Funk-infused blues guitar rock is delivered in spectacular fashion by Jeremy Engel in this fantastically-groovy song that demonstrate both a powerful musical direction and talented guitar playing through impressive-yet-tasteful embellishments.

After a short introduction, Jeremy gets right into the song with the lyrics of the first verse beginning at just nine-seconds in, something that is bound to be a hit with radio presenters who, from experience, often gravitate towards songs that jump straight into the main body. The powerful vocals impress us immediately with both their timbre and confidence: the characterful style shows Jeremy’s personality throughout the song and their melodic nature really adds another dimension to the rich sound which, in turn, is aided by the superb mix which truly elevates the song with its balance and ability to let each note really pop as it hits the listener’s ears.

As mentioned previously, the song has a good groove to it, aided by the natural energy of the song, with the tempo being fast, but not feeling rushed – allowing the song really come alive, especially when the volume is turned right up.

Personally, our interest in the song is further fuelled by the fascinating story behind both its own inception and Jeremy’s own genetic history: though born in France, Jeremy mainly identified with his familial roots from Ukraine and Luxembourg though, after doing a DNA test, rediscovered his Irish ancestry, which then helped to explain his love of the country and culture – so much so that he now resides in Dublin where he draws influence from Irish musical heroes such as Rory Gallagher, to create his own musical identity.

“This song “Tell You Ma’” is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It has been in my mind since I was 17. It took me 20 years before I decided to record it. I didn’t want to record it if I wasn’t ready, because I like to be able to do live what I can do in the studio. The groove had to be perfect too.” – Jeremy Engel

Jeremy Engel: Facebook | Instagram | Website | YouTube
Original photo credits: Jerome Morin

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