“Look At The Waves” by Escapades

Indie quartet, Escapades, hail from Liverpool and cite artists such as Wolf Alice and Courtney Barnett as musical influences – naturally our curiosity was piqued and, as such, we’ve now been introduced to the music of the indie/shoegaze-influenced band who quickly won us over with their latest single “Look At The Waves”.

Gentle synth lines open the song initially, though a few seconds later the listener is caught off-guard by thunderous dreamscape guitar lines that, to our ears, bring to mind the likes of Alcest and Kid Wave. Shortly after this, dual vocals join the mix with Liv Nicholls’ voice particularly evoking the sound of Ellie Rowsell – especially in relation to the Wolf Alice song “Baby Ain’t Made Of China”. Liv’s voice is spectacular and, though the music of Wolf Alice did come to mind, we firmly believe that Escapades have creatively drawn from their musical heroes whilst making their own fresh brand of indie/shoegaze music that will work a treat for music fans looking to avoid the generic indie onslaught of recent years.

As the song continues, it highlights the band’s creative direction and showcases a wide range of musical ideas that all come together seamlessly in this gem of a song: the use of dynamics, with the contrasting loud/quiet sections, pay homage to the studio tricks of Led Zeppelin, and bear resemblance to the blueprints of grunge whilst bringing a sense of modernity overall to both aspects.

Moving on the from the song, we’re delighted to see that Escapades have been gaining serious momentum, having played at Liverpool’s Sound City, which adds to our belief that they are indeed a band to be watching. As such, go ahead and listen to their song, follow the band’s socials, and keep an eye out for an opportunity to see them live at a gig near you!

Escapades: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | YouTube || Photo Credit: Merciful Sound

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