“La Petite Fleur Aux Yeux Bleus” by Fizzy Beard

This beautiful piano composition is a joy to listen to and conveys an array of feelings to the listener that words on a screen will not do justice to: it has been said by Hans Christian Anderson that “where words fail, music speaks” to that end we strongly recommend you listen to this wonderful piece of music and watch the accompanying video in order to best connect with the words that we’re trying to say in this article.

For us, the music and the video, work together superbly – with each being a creative artform in their own right. The piano is a universally adored and admired instrument and, as such, it makes the perfect choice for this stunning composition as the variety of melodies and mix of tempos illustrate as they weave their sonic threads. To then understand that this composition is then part of a wider narrative regarding a global movement makes this all the more significant.

“I’m currently working on the soundtrack of the Goddesses among us. A project gathering women from all the world sharing their stories. They are celebrate with songs.” – Fizzy Beard.

Regarding the project, we understand that a writer, a publisher, and a musician are working together on a new concept: music meets literature, when 200 female artists from all over the world give a soundtrack to chapters of women lives. This series of books is an intimate gathering of life changing-experiences that brave and inspiring women have come across. Each testimony will be accompanied by a musical piece celebrating these women’s accomplishment. All the money raised from the five books will be donated to charities focusing on women’s cause.

Fizzy Beard: Instagram | Spotify

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