Music Highlights #14

“Bad Brother” by CHARMLESS
A synth-driven song with a powerful bassline and playful high-note melodies that work their way into your mind. Over this instrumentation, characterful vocals deliver a fantastic performance: rich and melodic with hints of subdued power, these lead vocals do a great job of delivering the lyrics. Finally, the poignant video has been put together well and truly reels the viewer in to watch its full narrative.
CHARMLESS: Facebook & Spotify

“Back To Zero” by Morganway
A rich modern folk-pop song with stunning vocal harmonies and layers of bright instrumentation recalling the likes of Merry Hell, Green River Ordinance and, in some senses, The Wonder Stuff. An uplifting song that sounds brilliant on recorded and, we imagine, is a real crowd pleasure at festivals and concerts. With lots of energy, this song is a great mood-lifter and almost irresistible to move along with.
Morganway: Facebook & Spotify

“Through The Ground” by Flanagan
An incredible song that breathes fresh life into the realm of rootsy acoustic-blues music. Wonderfully-bright acoustic guitars manage to really capture the traditional, earthy vibes of early blues music. The guitars are then further complemented by the fantastically-rich vocals of everyone involved: both in regards to the lead vocals as well as the additional harmonies of the backing vocals. Utterly superb music.
Flanagan: Facebook & Spotify

“Fuchur” by KOENIX
This song is a fantastic mix of excellent creativity and incredible musicianship: not just through the use of sitar, bagpipes, and a hurdy-gurdy, but also the way in which the whole song has a modern feel to it that takes this to a whole new dimension, especially when combined with the video. The musical twist halfway through is a real treat too. This song and video is an absolute delight.
KOENIX: Facebook & Spotify

“Let’s Get Lost” by Justin Larkin
The big, bold opening of this song instantly grabs your attention and reels you in. From here the warm, rich layers of sound combine with the mid-paced tempo which results in an upbeat gem. The music video delivers a fun visual accompaniment to the track, whilst the lead guitar melodies add extra flair and really make this song a characterful discovery with a proper feel-good sound to it.
Justin Larkin: Facebook & Spotify

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