“Fire Bird” by mntgmry

The fine production value of this song immediately hits the listen on this funk-pop single by artist & producer mntgmry, whilst filtered vocals bring a retro funk/disco vibe to this nu-funk offering that blends highly-relevant international politics with the groovy music, almost resulting in a potentially new strain of punk.

Following the initial hook, the song continues to grow by adding ever-adapting layers of instrumentation that subtly evolve throughout the song, ensuring that the listener’s attention is maintained. From here the lyrics deliver a politically-charged message, working with the catchy nature of the music without losing their punch.

Speaking about the new release, mntgmry states: “Fire Bird is a song of protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is hard not to feel completely powerless when faced with images of such unnecessary violence and loss of human life. But as an artist I feel one way that I can contribute to this terrible conflict is to help empower Ukrainians fighting for their country. This song was created to boost the morale of Ukrainian soldiers and citizens fighting against this heartless and cowardly invasion. It contains some controversial language and themes, but a person’s right to safety and autonomy is unquestionable, and it is always ok to defend oneself.”

Short in nature – clocking in at two and a half minutes – this song will work its way into your head and demand several repeat listens.

mntgmry: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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