“The Mess” by AstroMike Gordon

Having previously interviewed AstroMike Gordon, and written about past releases, we’re excited to share the new music video for the song titled “The Mess” – one of the songs from the 5-track ‘Reviresco’ EP.

Hand claps and sweet acoustic guitar melodies open the song, immediately pairing soft percussion and melody from the start. Brilliant vocals quickly join, bringing an authentic charisma to the song that takes the song that extra step further, before being elevated yet again with complex layers of instrumentation, particularly from woodwind. The accompanying music video then delivers an enticing visual narrative that works well with the audio: imagination and creativity have been left to grow into something artistic and special, welding together both worlds of cinematography and music. As such, we’re left with feeling uplifted by both the song in its own right and the music video that lets us escape briefly from reality.

Reviresco (I flourish again ) is the motto of my grandmother’s clan, Mcewen. In many ways I find it a suitable name for this EP since the opening track ”Margret The Widow” is named after her. But it’s also a hint to our way of writing and recording music. In this era of algorithms and possibility to polish a production within an inch of its life, our will to dive even further into the human condition of recording music has grown. And yes, in this detachment from modern standards we do flourish again.

AstroMike Gordon: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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