“Les joues pourpres” by PIERRE

PIERRE has quickly earned a slot as one of our favourite artists due to the beautiful vocals, prominent bass melodies and the captivating music videos that we have come to associate him with.

“Les joues pourpres” is the latest song, and video, from PIERRE that has caught our attention. The acoustic guitar opening coupled with the rich vocals make for a simple, yet stunning, introduction that allows the minimalism of the song’s introduction to make a greater impact on the listener. Alongside the musical introduction, the video also begins to deliver its own narrative, pairing tranquil countryside scenes with a dance performance, alongside a story of two friends or lovers and their own journey through both childhood and adulthood. As the video and song both develop we’re then introduced to the bold bass that helps to expand the song, allowing the song to blossom into a gem that truly takes you on a visual and musical journey.

PIERRE: Instagram | Spotify

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