“Reflexopolis” by Cosmic Crooner

Dutch musician, Cosmic Crooner, further expands his discography with the release of his fourth single “Reflexopolis”: a dreamy, psychedelic nostalgia-inducing gem that is paired with a visually-enticing music video that will beckon for repeated views.

The song itself perfectly captures the hazy ’60s vibes, with the synths evoking particular Beatles’ songs such as ‘The Fool On The Hill’ or ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, though given a slightly more modern treatment to bring the sound up to date. From here the song creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere, that would soundtrack a summer’s evening particularly well, offering comfort to anyone in need of some focus and re-alignment.

Regarding the video, we’re told that it was shot entirely on 16mm film; the artistic display blends nostalgia and humorous sincerity within its grainy depictions, seeping with Cosmic Crooner’s amiable personality. He says: “For this video, I wanted to use more tricks and more colours. We approached the video as a painting and solely used primary colours, feeling very inspired by Kubrick’s ‘Barry Lyndon’ and Godard’s ‘Weekend’. The video was largely shot in the surroundings of Paris.”

Cosmic Crooner: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Website

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