“Foulbrood” by Skittish

A haunting vocal melody opens the song in style, possibly giving a nod to some inspiration from The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter“. Skittish do, however, give the sound a modern update which makes the melody seem more like paying homage to some musical icons of theirs whilst also offering the listener a captivating melodic hook.

From here the band deliver wonderful acoustic guitar tones alongside confident vocals that add an extra rhythmic dimension through the fast spoken delivery. Getting through the verse, Skittish waste no time in reaching their big chorus that cranks the volume up and intensifies the attitude, which really pays off as the strong melodies and easy-to-learn lyrics mean that this chorus quickly gets stuck in your head, meaning you’ll be reaching for that repeat button as soon as the song ends and guarantees you’ll be singing along if you get the chance to see Skittish play live – we can only speculate at what an experience this song would be in a live setting.

Continuing on, Skittish maintain the gravitas by further layering the song, using pauses to further emphasise specific parts whilst adding in the tick-tock of a clock, further demonstrating their creativity and experimental use of audio. The final treat comes in the form of a colourful and eccentric guitar solo that then leads into a final repeat of the chorus, allowing the song to finish on an indisputable high. A real gem of a song that is both catchy and full of personality.

Skittish: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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