“You Wonder Why” by Dora Donaldson

A beautiful piano-driven ballad with captivating vocals and gently-floating strings that give this a cinematic feel as it plays out in your mind’s eye, allowing your own imagination to create the visuals.

Examining this song closer, it is evident that Dora knows how to create an endearing song that uses dynamics to create, and build, an ethereal atmosphere that grows as it progresses. Starting off with minimal layers, the song gradually adds more melodies, counter-melodies, and percussion with a particular highlight for us being the deep, bass drums that bring a real depth to the song. Further information from Dora reveals that she often pictures her music being used in film; this, to us, further cements our opinion that a song such as ‘You Wonder Why’ would fit seamlessly in a Disney film.

Speaking about the new release, Dora shares, “This song is part of a series that I’m working on about self-growth. My previous single, “If This Is Your Love” is about recognising the difference between control and love, and finding the courage to step away. “You Wonder Why” acts as the next stage – facing the inevitable backlash for becoming your own person.”

Dora Donaldson: Facebook | Instagram

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