“Stratosfear” by Kwoon

Kwoon is ambitious with both the musical soundscapes he writes and the accompanying music videos that truly capture the creativity, vision, and commitment that underpins all his work.

The latest song/video to capture our attention is this: “Stratosfear“. The musical style can be described as atmospheric and cinematic, with rich stringed arrangements being prominent during the first half of the song. Behind this, a pulsing electronic melody and beat enters the mix, further expanding the song’s sonic horizons. The melodic layering follows a cyclical progression that slowly rises in pitch, following the major scale which helps to give this an uplifting quality. The video itself then mirrors this, literally following the musical ascent with that of a guitar rising through the Earth’s atmosphere. The song and video together are absolutely spectacular – watch & listen to the video/song below.

Kwoon: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter

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