“Pushing Daisies” by Melanie MacLaren

Melanie MacLaren has quickly become one of our favourite artists thanks to her heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocal melodies. The three songs that she released during 2021 – “Graveyard Shift”, “Melbourne“, and “Pushing Daisies” – each left a lasting impression that has culminated in us considering her, beyond all doubt, to be one of the most talented artists around currently; an opinion, it would appear, that is shared by many others around the world as Melanie continues to build significant momentum, evidenced by her growing fanbase.

Turning our attention specifically to her latest release, “Pushing Daisies“, we’re immediately calmed by the mellow nature of the song. The short introduction ends as Melanie begins singing, delivering lyrics that are mature and insightful. For us, we feel that there’s a bittersweet sorrow to these lyrics where the emotive narrative is balanced by the beautifully bright vocal melodies; the style brings to mind the wonderful song “Streets of London” by Ralph McTell, brought about by the way in which Melanie takes direct inspiration from reality and describes the scene so vividly that you are transported to the time and place being sung about. This, to us, exemplifies how talented Melanie is, as she creates music that is modern in style, yet feels timeless. In short, we’re certain that it’s only a matter of time until Melanie is recognised as one of the most exciting artists to be writing and releasing music right now: 2022 looks like a promising year for this artist that is on a distinctly upward trajectory.

Melanie MacLaren: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

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