“Human” by Erik Odsell

Swedish artist, Erik Odsell, shares his second album titled ‘Human‘: a powerful eight-song collection of anthemic pop gems packed with bold melodic hooks and finished with refined production.

Title track, ‘Human‘ opens with an electronic-synth and quickly introduces a strong percussive beat before the vocals kick in to deliver both the narrative and another series of melodic lines that float over the foundations. Erik’s vocals here are particularly strong and showcase both his range and tone, delivering an organic and honest performance. As the song progresses, it continually grows into something epic, truly earning the label of anthemic as a string arrangement enters the mix before the final, post-crescendo outro.

Our other song highlight was ‘Getaway Car‘, which brings a dose of rock to the album with its overdriven guitars and driving energy. In a welcome surprise that keeps the listener on their toes, the chorus takes a slightly funkier turn as Erik seamlessly melds a wide range of musical influences and brings them together smoothly in one song. The uplifting vibes of this song in particular makes it an incredibly strong contender for radio stations: we can picture this song doing well on the airwaves.

Overall, this is our first time listening to Erik’s discography and it has clearly made an impression on ourselves and, undoubtedly, many others. For lovers of fine pop music, this album presents a fresh opportunity to discover something new.

Erik’s second album, called ‘Human‘, was released on June 11, 2021. An album focusing on the current state of the world but also personal reflections about getting older, the fear of losing loved ones and what it means to be human. ‘Human‘ is an album where Erik explores a more electronic sound but without losing his well known “trade mark” – the strong melodies, hooks and relatable lyrical content. The video for the title track was also noticed by national press in Sweden and international music blogs when it was released in October 2020.

Erik Odsell: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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